Whiskey Data

coverstoryWhiskey is the frequently glorious, sometimes wretched, and most often amber-to-brown-colored distilled spirit made from grain, water, and yeast and aged in wood barrels. The preeminent whiskies are manufactured in the countries and regions of the world that traditionally have grown grains in abundance, in particular, barley, wheat, rye, and corn. The four most notable whiskey-producing countries are Scotland, the U.S. (the central states of Kentucky and Tennessee are the headliners), Canada, and Ireland. Yet, to be sure, other countries grow or purchase grain, ferment and distill its mash, age it in wood, and affix a label on the bottle that identifies the distillate as whiskey. Second-tier producers, whose whiskies are showing genuine promise, are Japan and Australia. Third-tier whiskey-making nations include Germany, the Czech Republic, and India.