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Tasting Note

Gorgeous henna/deep russet color; sediment-free purity. This opening aroma is so over-stuffed with attributes that it’s almost impossible to flag them all, but here goes: toasted malt, serious sawdust/wood plank, gum, dry stone, loose leaf tobacco, cigar box, black peppercorn, clove, mace, kid leather glove, praline, nougat, candied almond, dates, figs – this is an aromatic banquet that defies adequate description, though I’ve tried my best. Entry explodes on the tongue in flavor tsunamis of sherry oak, honey wheat toast, cigar tobacco, maple syrup, dark caramel, fudge, high cocoa content dark chocolate, chocolate covered raisins; midpalate features all of the above plus the welcome warmth of the cask strength which doesn’t annihilate the taste buds as much as it cradles them. Concludes brawny, robust, honey- and maple-like as the abv calms down, allowing the sweet, succulent flavors to shine. Truly magnificent.
F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal Rating: 5 Stars/Highest Recommendation