highspire-whiskey_logoHighspire Whiskey, Kentucky


Their Story

The original Highspire Pure Rye Whiskey was established in 1823 by an Irish immigrant by the name of Robert Wilson in Highspire, PA. This whiskey was one of the more popular whiskies of its day and had a mash bill of 100% rye. Following Prohibition, Highspire Pure Rye Whiskey did not reemerge in the marketplace.

Today, established winemaker Austin Hope has brought this pre-Prohibition whiskey back to life, utilizing his winemaking expertise to craft the unique Highspire Whiskey at his distillery in Crestwood, KY. Highspire Whiskey is made with 100% rye; 90% is an heirloom variety called Ryman Rye which is grown exclusively for Highspire by local Waldeck Farms and 10% is malted and sourced. Fermentations are completed at cooler than average temperatures to preserve as much flavor as possible from the grain.

Austin’s natural inclination to make wines that showcase the grape lead him to create a whiskey that showcases the grain. The distillations are done by two copper-pot hybrid stills made by Liberty Copper Works circa 1947. In order to preserve the taste of grain, the whiskey is swiftly aged in used red wine barrels sent from Austin’s Hope Family Winery in Paso Robles, CA. Toasted oak staves are introduced to add structure and tannins to the whiskey before being bottled.

With its innovative and contemporary methodologies, Highspire Whiskey is A New Class of Whiskey.