Highspire-WhiskeyAvailability: 16 states and expanding

Suggested Retail Price: $45.99


Tasting Note

This whiskey is produced from 100% heirloom rye and is twice distilled in a pot still. The fresh spirit is then matured for four months in barrels that formerly housed wine. Pretty topaz/new leather-like color; perfect clarity. Opening nosings detect dense, intense, deeply grainy aromas that have traces of paraffin, snack cracker, and dry breakfast cereal; secondary whiffs discover elements of porridge and rye bread. Entry is off-dry, lightly toasted, and the back-end of the entry offers a nuance of red wine ripeness that I find appealingly complementary to the potent rye presence; midpalate finds that the winey-ness accelerates quite a bit so that by the time the evaluation is morphing from midpalate to finish, the grapiness is almost jammy/juicy, which marries deliciously with the rye foundation. A unique 100% rye whiskey and one that’s worth tracking down. F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal: 4 Stars/Highly Recommended


Serving Recommendations

Highspire Whiskey is a perfect pour neat or on the rocks. It is also excellent in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Sazerac and Scofflaw. For more contemporary cocktails with which to enjoy Highspire Whiskey, see here.