Lagavulin-logoLagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Their Story

Established in 1816, Lagavulin nestles in a small bay on the south-east coast of Islay, Scotland. Here the distillery works its magic on a cramped, chaotic, wildly romantic site by the sea, looking across to the ruins of Dunyvaig Castle, a 13th century base of the Lord of the Isles. Locally, peat has always been in plentiful supply and the intense character of this majestic single malt whisky comes from malted barley that is heavily peated at the Port Ellen Maltings a mile or so away.

In 1742, there were at least ten illicit stills at Lagavulin, but it wasn’t until 74 years later that local farmer John Johnston founded the first legal distillery. 2015 marks the official 200th Anniversary of Lagavulin Distillery. While its name may have changed over the years, but the quiet power of peat and smoke that pervades this iconic Scotch Single malt has not.

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