lot40-logoLot No. 40

Their Story

In creating this rye-heavy whisky, Michael Booth, the now-retired Master Blender, paid homage to family heritage. The name, Lot No. 40, refers to the land where his family set up their first Canadian still. And the recipe follows the original that was passed down from his forefather Joshua Booth, 7 generations ago.

Lot No 40 is a perfect expression of rye whisky made with 100% rye and distilled in a single copper pot still. It has a unique profile which starts off earthy and woody tasting and then becomes full bodied and complex with a velvety vanilla oak finish.  Lot No. 40 is aged in brand new virgin oak casks that impart vanilla notes which perfectly complement the spicy characteristics that the rye develops in the pot still. As the years pass, the liquid extracts color from the wood while the barrel imparts tannins, vanilla notes and complex fruit and spice notes. This adds to the unique flavor and gives the whisky a beautiful deep amber tone.